CD Rate Alerts

CD rates, or certificate of deposit rates, refer to the interest rates that banks or other financial institutions offer on deposits that are held in a certificate of deposit account. These rates are generally fixed for the term of the CD, which can range from a few months to several years.

CD rates are not directly related to the stock market, but they can be influenced by a variety of economic factors, including the overall level of interest rates, inflation, and the strength of the economy. In general, CD rates tend to be higher when the economy is strong and interest rates are rising, and lower when the economy is weak and interest rates are falling.

However, it is important to note that CD rates are not as risky as the stock market, since they do not fluctuate in value like stocks do. This makes CDs a safer investment option for those who are risk-averse or looking for a stable source of income.

Official CD Rates Alerts alert you whenever new CD rates are released by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation on a weekly basis.

With Stock Alarm you can set new CD Rate alerts for both Jumbo and Non-Jumbo CD Rates. When your alert triggers you will receive a notification via push notification, email, phone call, or text message.


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